Yule Log

Buche de Noel – A Classic Christmas Desert

Hi, I’m Ludo, the Executive Chef here are The Butler’s Pantry. I would like to introduce you to my favourite thing to eat at Christmas, the “Buche de Noel” otherwise known as the Yule Log! When they are made right they are divine, there is no better way to finish your Christmas meal.

Growing up in France as a child, it was my favourite part of the Christmas feast. I’ll always remember the excitement of opening the box and discovering a lovely piece of art within. The competition for Yule Logs is fierce in France!

How we make the Yule Log

You can get many flavours of Yule Log, but the most important part is too keep the shape. My grandmother used to roll it like a Swiss Roll, vanilla sponge soaked with a light butter cream filled with praline and lemon or chocolate and pears. In recent years, chefs in the world of pastry has introduced the modern version which is made in the cylindrical mould. Creations have become more delicate and more unique flavours have been introduced. In The Butler’s Pantry, we have created two different Buche de Noel’s this Christmas:

  • Chocolate and Raspberry 70% cocoa chocolate mousse, chocolate sponge, vanilla crème brulée, raspberry confit and dark chocolate glaze. Super indulgent and if you are into chocolate….this is the one!
  • Cranberry and Pear cinnamon compote, a little touch of Orange Cointreau, macaroon biscuit, Madagascar vanilla mousse, dark cherry glaze. This has a delicate flavour of Christmas fruits and spices, a real treat this festive season.

Buche de Noel – A Classic Christmas Desert

You can place your orders for these along with all our Christmas products on our menu at any of our stores.

I hope you enjoy them, wishing you all a very Happy Christmas and prosperous New Year.

Ludovic Lantier

Ludovic Lantier
Executive Chef

If you require any further information on our Christmas recipes or catering services, then please contact us.

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