Blackberries are in Season!

Blackberries are in Season!

The taste of this dark super fruit brings childhood memories flooding back of berry picking in the countryside. Do we remember the treasure hunt to find the best berries before the birds snatched them up? Well we are here to share the good news, Blackberries are in season and it is that time of year again to get picking. The Butlers Pantry Chefs are so excited to get our hands on these delicious Blackberries to create berry delights including our Autumn Berry compote used in our granola breakfast pot, mixed berry tarts and our blackberry & apple cobbler for you and your family to enjoy.

Eating seasonally is so important, not just for sustainability and environmental reasons but when you eat with the seasons we benefit from optimum health and wellness benefits. We at The Butlers Pantry make a conscious effort to source seasonal ingredients and to support our local Irish farmers. By doing this we feel connected to the food we create for you.

There are many reasons for eating Blackberries. They are low in calories, packed with antioxidants, virtually fat free, high in fiber and rich in nutrients, making them a good choice for anyone trying to maintain or lose weight in a nutritious manner.

Stay tuned for our Autumn Menu coming soon…..

Introducing our Apple Tart!

Our apples are lovingly hand peeled and hand sliced, creating a homemade apple tart that melts in your mouth. Nothing says tradition better that an apple tart, this is why we have taken the time to recreate our tart to be the best it can be. Our new and improved version brings you more delicious apples wrapped in our sweet hand made shortcrust pastry. Do not be alarmed if your apples are caramelized as you cut into your tart as we take pride that this is the natural process in which fresh apples mature. All of our delicious cakes are make by hand and contain only natural ingredients bringing you homemade delights without the hard work. It is available in all ten shops and we hope you love it as much as we do!

Impress your BBQ guests this summer with Plank Cooking

‘Teach a man how to barbecue and you will be fed for the summer’. A truer word has never been spoken and our Cedar Planks are just what every barbecue needs to ensure a beautiful smokey flavour on all meats throughout the summer season. Our marinated chicken breasts, burgers and delicious Garlic & Herb sausages are now available in our shops. Niall’s famous Beetroot ketchup is also back by popular demand. A wonderfully versatile product with a hint of heat, our Beetroot ketchup can be used as a dipping sauce, relish or salad dressing. Niall Hill, director of food, introduced the innovative idea of cooking on planks to The Butler’s Pantry a number of years ago Plank cooking involves roasting and smoking food on cedar or oak planks in a closed-top barbecue. Plank cooking is a technique Niall first witnessed in Canada, and now that we have the weather for outdoor grilling, the planks are on sale in all 10 of our shops priced at €3.95. Niall has produced a number of easy to follow recipes available now online. We know that summer is in full swing here at The Butler’s Pantry when we take our first delivery of treated Cedar Wood planks from Gerry Farrelly’s estate in Roundwood, Co.Wickow. The aroma of the handcut planks becomes a distinctive feature throughout our shops, and indeed our customers BBQ’s.

Join us in our Grow Your Own Campaign

Join us in our Grow Your Own Campaign. As artisan producers, we like to stay close to the soil and believe in the importance of ‘terroir’. To keep us close to our roots, many of us partake in growing, cultivating and rearing.

We will keep you posted on how our crops are doing and when we will next be foraging, picking or simply going for a nice country walk . Here are some Dates for your food diary for 2014. We await the weather pattern to fix these dates but will keep you posted here and on Facebook and Twitter

Spring – Wild garlic picking and pesto making

Summer – Elderflower picking and cordial and elderflower delight making

Autumn – berries and jam making

Autumn – Sorrel picking and cooking

Best Buttermilk in town!!

Like us, our suppliers are true Artisans. Our brown breads are made using natural Buttermilk from Curranstown, Co.Wicklow, delivered fresh every day by John Hempenstall. John has been supplying The Butler’s Pantry for 27 years….that’s an awful lot of Buttermilk!!