Speciality Cakes & Wedding Cakes

Every special occasion demands an extraordinary cake. We offer a stunning range of show-stopping cakes that are guaranteed to make a lasting impression at your celebration. Our shops are heaving with delicious fresh cakes that are delivered daily but if you require something that’s a little bit more special, why not pre-order one of our sensational, bespoke specialty cakes. There’s a wide of range of choices that are perfect whatever the occasion, whether it’s a birthday, an anniversary, a christening or a wedding. And of course they can be personalised, to really make a statement about your special day, and create a unique memory for guests.

Speciality Cakes

Gateau Laurence 8” round
A rich dark chocolate and freshly ground almond
cake topped with a sumptuous dark chocolate
ganache. This is a flourless* cake.
(serves 6-8)
Victoria Sponge Cake 8” round
A traditional Victoria sponge filled with Wicklow
farmhouse cream and Crossogue strawberry jam.
Finished with fresh Irish strawberries
(when available
in summer) and white chocolate shavings.
(serves 8+)
10” round €49.95
(serves 12+)
11” square €69.95
(serves 20+)
Chocolate Sponge Cake
A light and fluffy chocolate Genoise
sponge filled with a chocolate buttercream icing
Icing Sugar Finish
8” round €29.95
10” round €49.95
11” square €69.95
Fondant Icing Finish
8” round €50.00
(serves 10+)
10” round €75.00
(serves 20+)
11” square €100.00
(serves 30+)
Lemon and Yuzu Cake
A deliciously light lemon sponge
with lemon and yuzu buttercream and
finished with crunchy white chocolate pearls.
Naked Icing Finish
8” round €29.95
10” round €49.95
Fondant Icing Finish
8” round €50.00
(serves 10+)
10” round €75.00
(serves 20+)
Chocolate Krispie Cake
Krispie, sticky, chocolate and caramel goodness.
A favourite for the young and not so young at heart!
8” round €19.95
(serves 10+)
10” round €29.95
(serves 20+)
Chocolate Biscuit Cake
Crunchy digestive and gingernut biscuits with
honeycomb and smooth creamy chocolate smothered
in a rich chocolate ganache.
8” round €49.95
(serves 16-18)
10” round €89.95
(serves 30-35)
Autumn Leaf Cake
Chocolate sponge and crunchy praline with pear confit
and chocolate mousse. Finished with chocolate mirror
glaze. Available through Autumn/Winter.
8” square €26.95
(serves 8+)
Strawberry Fraisier Cake
Fresh Irish strawberries with vanilla and Kirsh mousseline
cream on pistachio and almond biscuit.
Available through Spring/Summer.
8” round €29.95
(serves 8+)
10” round €49.95
(serves 12+)
Carrot Layer Entremets Cake
Carrot and walnut biscuit layered with light cream cheese
buttercream and topped with cream cheese frosting and
milk chocolate Chantilly cream.
8” square €28.95
(serves 12+)
10” square €46.95
(serves 20+)
Celebration Cupcakes
Chocolate sponge finished with vanilla buttercream frosting.
Raspberry and lemon sponge with raspberry buttercream frosting.
minimum order 2 doz.


We use fresh and real ingredients so at certain times of the year we may adapt our recipes to work
with what is in season.
Eggs: Margaret Byrne’s farm in County Wicklow.
Chocolate: Ocoa 70% dark chocolate, Lactée Supérieure 38% milk chocolate and Blanc Satin 29%
white chocolate from Cacao Barry.
Fruit: Keelings, Co. Dublin.
*While some of our recipes do not contain flour, our kitchens are not certified gluten free so there is
always a risk of contamination.