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[menu title=”SOUPS & STARTERS”]
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[menu-item name=”Roasted Root Vegetable Soup, fresh thyme, honey” price=”3.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Pumpkin Minestrone, spinach, chickpea” price=”5.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Real Chicken Soup, fresh chives” price=”5.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Classic Seafood Chowder” price=”5.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Wild Mushroom Colcannon Cakes, blue cheese dressing” price=”5.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”West Cork Crab Cakes (w/ chilli-garlic aioli)” price=”6.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”DIPS & PÂTÉS”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”150/180gm” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Traditional Hummus” price=”3.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Coriander Jalepeno Hummus” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roasted Tomato Hummus” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chicken liver, port wine pâté” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Irish Smoked Salmon Pâté, citrus creme fraiche, fresh dill” price=”6.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Red Pepper Pâté” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Green Olive, Roast Almond Tapenade” price=”4.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”MAIN COURSES”]
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[menu-item name=”Beef Bourguignon (2 Gold Stars, Great Taste Awards)” price=”8.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Beef Stroganoff” price=”8.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Beef Lasagne” price=”6.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chilli Con Carne” price=”7.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Lamb Tagine (3 Gold Stars, Great Taste Awards)” price=”9.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Shepherd’s Pie, Wicklow lamb” price=”7.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Venison, roasted roots, barley (October)” price=”8.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roast Pheasant, apples, cider (November)” price=”11.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chicken, wild mushroom, cider, hazelnut crust” price=”8.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chicken Macaroni, butternut squash” price=”7.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Coq Au Vin” price=”8.95″][/menu-item]

[menu-item name=”Fish Pie, dillisk, leek and tarragon mash” price=”9.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chermoula Salmon, fennel, orange, cinnamon” price=”9.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Parsnip, Wild Mushroom, Cashew Nut Loaf, winter ragout” price=”7.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Mixed Bean, Winter Vegetable Chilli” price=”6.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Potato, Red Lentil Curry, squash, coconut, baby spinach” price=”6.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”SIDE DISHES”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”per portion” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Red Cabbage, cinnamon, star anise” price=”3.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roasted Roots, tahini dressing” price=”3.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Winter Vegetable selection, lemon butter” price=”3.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roasted Root Vegetable Crush, parsnip, carrot, sweet potato” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Gratin Potatoes, garlic, fresh thyme” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Creamy Mashed Potato” price=”3.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Steamed Rice” price=”1.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”COLD BUFFET”]
[menu-item name=”Honey Glazed Free Range Ham (half size 49.95 12+/ full size 86.00 20+)” price=””][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roast Vegetable, goat’s cheese quiche (serves 8)” price=”32.00″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Honey Roast Ham, vintage cheddar cheese quiche (serves 8)” price=”32.00″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Dressed Side of Organic Salmon, lime, coriander creme fraiche, (serves 8-10)” price=”49.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Rosemary Grilled Chicken Platter, peach chutney (serves 8)” price=”49.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”WINTER SALADS”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”per portion” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Heritage Carrot, cherry vine tomato, haricot bean, black olive” price=”4.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Winter Greens, freekeh, chervil, feta, lemon” price=”4.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Classic Coleslaw” price=”4.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Roasted Vegetable Bulgar, toasted pumpkin seeds, romesco dressing” price=”4.50″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Salad Leaves, honey mustard dressing (for 6 persons)” price=”12.00″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”DESSERTS”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”serves 6-8″ value2=”serves 10-12″ style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chocolate Marquis, praline wafer crust” price=”27.95″ price2=”42.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Chocolate Nougatine Cheesecake” price=”21.95″ price2=”34.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Lemon Rose Petal Cheesecake” price=”23.95″ price2=”35.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Winter Berry Cheesecake, sweet basil, pink peppercorn” price=”23.95″ price2=”35.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Pear Almond Frangipane Tart” price=”12.95″ price2=”25.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Plum Apple Cinnamon Cobbler” price=”13.95″ price2=”27.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=””]
[menu-item name=”” value=”serves 6-8″ style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Lemon Meringue Pie” price=”12.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Confit Orange, Cinnamon Polenta Cake” price=”14.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Gateau Laurence, flourless almond chocolate cake” price=”21.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=””]
[menu-item name=”” value=”serves 8-10″ style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Fresh Raspberry Meringue Roulade” price=”25.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Coffee Praline Meringue Roulade” price=”25.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Double Chocolate Roulade” price=”25.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Giant Meringues (2.75 each, 7.50 for 3)” price=”2.75″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=””]
[menu-item name=”The Butler’s Pantry Classic Coffee Cake (8 inch / 10 inch)” price=”13.95″ price2=”24.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Rich Chocolate Cake (8 inch / 10 inch)” price=”14.95″ price2=”24.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”CANAPÉS – savoury”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”per dozen” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
(Price per dozen – minimum order 6 dozen, minimum 2 dozen of one item)
[menu-item name=”Smoked Salmon & Goatsbridge Smoked Trout Roulade” price=”15.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Marinated Chicken Skewer, natural yoghurt, tandoori spices” price=”13.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Fig Caramelized Red onion, Wicklow Blue Tartlet” price=”13.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Duck Confit, Pistachio, Parma Ham, peach chutney” price=”13.95″][/menu-item][/menu]
[menu title=”CANAPÉS – dessert”]
[menu-item name=”” value=”per dozen” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
(Price per dozen – minimum 2 dozen of one item)
[menu-item name=”Lemon chouquette” price=”18.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Mini Chocolate Ganache Brownie” price=”18.95″][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Mini Frosted Raspberry Teacake” price=”18.95″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu-item name=”” value=”6-8 persons” style=”no-dots”][/menu-item]
[menu-item name=”Selection of four artisan cheeses, artisan crackers, prices from” price=”35.00″][/menu-item][/menu]

[menu title=”ENTERTAINING”] At the Butler’s Pantry we believe that successful entertaining is simply about getting family and friends around the table to share good food. A relaxed host is key to everyone’s enjoyment, so let us help you to plan your menu and create a gathering to remember. We can prepare everything from a scrumptious dessert to a full menu, and present it in your own dishes if necessary, so that no one need ever know that we were involved. Simply contact our managers in any of our shops –

Bray 276 1431
Castleknock: 811 5951
Clontarf: 833 3314
Donnybrook: 660 8490
Monkstown: 284 3933
Mount Merrion: 288 5505
Raheny: 831 5935
Rathgar: 492 9148
Sandycove: 230 1624
Sandymount: 215 1700
All shop email addresses available on our website[/menu]