Our Sustainability

100% Recyclable Cups

As you are probably aware, most paper cups used for hot drinks cannot be recycled. You might have wondered why that’s the case and the reason is because there’s a plastic coating inside the cup that recyclers can’t process through their recycling equipment. There’s some excellent information and video’s which explain the issue here. As a result, most takeaway coffee and tea cups are used once only and then go to landfill, which is against the basic principles of best practice for the environment i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At The Butler’s Pantry, we are committed to improving our green credentials and are proud to introduce  new initiative’s to reduce waste

We’ve teamed up with reCUP, produced by CupPrint, to source paper cups that are fully recyclable and manufactured in Ireland.  These cups work in the same way as a standard cup but the inner plastic coating is replaced with a recyclable material which can be handled by all the mainstream recyclers in Ireland. This means you can simply dispose of it in your green bin, as you would with any paper product. And we’ve applied our gorgeous branding to the reCUP, to add to your enjoyment of our delicious range of teas and coffees.

paper cup

Reusable Cups – 20c Discount

Of course we always encourage our customers to use reusable cups ahead of the disposable option and we sell branded reusable cups instore. A reusable cup contributes to sustainability for everyone and we love to see customers arrive with their own cup. In fact, in order to encourage you to do this, if you bring one of our reusable cups to any of our stores, we offer a significant 20c discount off our coffee – so you can be rewarded for your love of great coffee – and your care for the environment. The Conscious Cup Campaign gave us the heads up in recognition of our commitment to reusable cups and we were glad to see they loved our cakes as well!

Repak Team Green

Another initiative we have taken recently is to join the Repak Team Green campaign. This is a great idea which encourages everybody to recycle just one more piece of plastic each week. If everyone in Ireland did this, they have calculated that 250 million more pieces of plastic would be recycled. You can sign up yourself here – a nice thing to do with the kids maybe to show you are on board with saving the environment for their future?

At The Butler’s Pantry, sustainability is core to our business and we are proud to implement plastic reduction targets with a view to making all of our packaging 100% recyclable in the near future. If we all do our bit we can deliver real and lasting benefits for everyone. Of course we also welcome feedback from customers on how we might improve our approach and keep the ethos of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at the centre of our commercial activities.

See you soon at one of our stores – don’t forget to being along your reusable cup!