Arcane Chocolate by Erik Van der Veken

Erik Van der Veken


Co-founder and chocolatier of Arcane Chocolate Erik Van der Veken has created an exclusive selection of chocolates named ‘Forbidden Love’ for The Butler’s Pantry for Valentine’s Day. Erik has named the chocolate range after a real life forbidden love that played out with a Saudi Arabian woman while he was working there. This relationship led to some complications in a still very conservative country. Ultimately Erik and his partner decided to move to Ireland in order to live their life together on their terms


Arcane Chocolate


For this selection of chocolates, Erik has sought inspiration from ingredients, spices and herbs with romantic properties. Within the box you will find 4 unique and delectable chocolates, handmade by Erik:

  • Chocolate filled with ganache made with a fruity and floral 75% couverture with all the cacao coming from Tanzania, rich in polyphenols and antioxidants;
  • A chocolate with a soft strawberry caramel topped with a ganache and perfumed with Damask rose and Tahitian vanilla;
  • A chocolate with stimulating Arabica coffee and Iranian green cardamom;

Chocolate with a filling of Ballaghhoney Farm honey from Co. Tipperary with fresh ginger and espelette chilli from the Basque country to get the blood flowing.


Arcane Chocolate


All the chocolates in this selection are skilfully airbrushed with tempered and coloured cocoa butter and made with only the highest quality sustainable Cacao Barry couvertures.


In January 2018, Cacao Barry rewarded Erik with acceptance into the exclusive Chocolate Ambassadors Club. At The Butler’s Pantry, we are excited to be one of the first to stock this very special product as we are sure that it will become the brand synonymous with a true chocolate indulgence for chocolate lovers in Ireland and beyond.