National Pizza Day

Butlers Pantry Pizza


Pizza – We all know it, we all love it

Pizza…the ultimate comfort food. Cheesy and absolutely delicious, it is hard to say no to.

Created in Naples in the 18th century, pizza became a worldwide phenomenon after World War II, when soldiers stationed in Italy brought word of the carby deliciousness across the globe. It was only a matter of time before this food – traditionally for the Neopolitan poor and topped with whatever ingredients were seasonal and to hand – took the world by storm.


Pizza at The Butler`s Pantry

Here at The Butler’s Pantry, we are thrilled to sell our very own pizza sauce – that can be used on our selection of fresh pastas as well – made by hand by our chefs, with only the best ingredients. Pair this with Sorrento Pizza Bases, found in our chilled sections, to make a fantastic pizza at home. Sorrento Pizza bases are made by Master Baker Giorgio Lisi in Dublin. Lisi grew up in Sorrento, Italy, and learned the art of creating pizza from his father and grandfather. He has put his expertise to good use, bringing Irish customers his delicious (and vegan) pizza bases.

As well as the foundations for a great pizza, we at The Butler’s Pantry are delighted to stock everything to make your pizza night truly delicious; buffalo mozzarella, Levoni meats, Gubbeen Chorizo, our own handmade pestos and Guastalla prosciutto. The combinations are endless.


Come celebrate with us!

To celebrate National Pizza Day on February 9th, we are running an exciting offer in store all weekend!  Sorrento pizza base, pizza sauce, Guastalla salami and fresh Mozzerella all for €15. Buon Appetito!