Yes You Can – Recycle Our Paper Cups

As you are probably aware, most paper cups used for hot drinks cannot be recycled. You might have wondered why that’s the case and the reason is because there’s a plastic coating inside the cup that recyclers can’t process through their recycling equipment. There’s some excellent information and video’s which explain the issue here. As a result, most takeaway coffee and tea cups are used once only and then go to landfill, which is against the basic principles of best practice for the environment i.e. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

At The Butlers Pantry, we are committed to improving our green credentials and are proud to introduce  new initiative’s to reduce waste

100% Recyclable Cups

We’ve teamed up with reCUP, produced by CupPrint, to source paper cups that are fully recyclable and manufactured in Ireland.  These cups work in the same way as a standard cup but the inner plastic coating is replaced with a recyclable material which can be handled by all the mainstream recyclers in Ireland. This means you can simply dispose of it in your green bin, as you would with any paper product. And we’ve applied our gorgeous branding to the reCUP, to add to your enjoyment of our delicious range of teas and coffees.

paper cup

Reusable Cups – 20c Discount

Of course we always encourage our customers to use reusable cups ahead of the disposable option and we sell branded reusable cups instore. A reusable cup contributes to sustainability for everyone and we love to see customers arrive with their own cup. In fact, in order to encourage you to do this, if you bring one of our reusable cups to any of our stores, we offer a significant 20c discount off our coffee – so you can be rewarded for your love of great coffee – and your care for the environment. The Conscious Cup Campaign gave us the heads up in recognition of our commitment to reusable cups and we were glad to see they loved our cakes as well!

Repak Team Green

Another initiative we have taken recently is to join the Repak Team Green campaign. This is a great idea which encourages everybody to recycle just one more piece of plastic each week. If everyone in Ireland did this, they have calculated that 250 million more pieces of plastic would be recycled. You can sign up yourself here – a nice thing to do with the kids maybe to show you are on board with saving the environment for their future?

At The Butler’s Pantry, sustainability is core to our business and we are proud to implement plastic reduction targets with a view to making all of our packaging 100% recyclable in the near future. If we all do our bit we can deliver real and lasting benefits for everyone. Of course we also welcome feedback from customers on how we might improve our approach and keep the ethos of Reduce, Reuse, Recycle at the centre of our commercial activities.

See you soon at one of our stores – don’t forget to being along your reusable cup!

Chefs Challenge the butlers Pantry

Chef’s Challenge

chef challenge butler's pantry food dublin

Our talented chefs are constantly recipe testing and tasting and coming up with delicious new catering ideas. So, we recently gave five of them the challenge to showcase a special tasting menu, with each one curating their own recipes.  Neil, Gary, Dean, Tom and Wes rose to the culinary challenge and treated a lucky team of The Butler’s Pantry staff to four delicious courses. This was a great opportunity for the team to showcase modern techniques, explore new ideas and get creative – in the stunning surrounds of The Sycamore Room in Dublin.

Start Well

To begin our journey, we were presented with an array of amuse bouches to whet the appetite! Tom really showcased his culinary skills by serving a shot of consommé, which is notoriously difficult to get right. This was no ordinary soup; the broth was bursting with flavours from sweet summer tomatoes and fresh herbs. Wes took a more playful approach with his flavourful ‘crisp sambo’ – spring onion butter and parmesan cheese on a potato chip. Not your average crisp sambo, that’s for sure!


Tomato Consume broad beans, black olive, summer herbs and parmesan

Tomato Consume broad beans, black olive, summer herbs and parmesan


Cashel Blue, endive, walnut, chive and cranberry

Cashel Blue, endive, walnut, chive and cranberry


Find out more about Cashel Blue – one of our favourite Irish Cheese suppliers…..

Next up were our incredible starters. Our crab starter tasted like it had just come straight off the boat. A tickle of textures of asparagus and the inclusion of a Spanish specialty, jamon Iberico made this dish a real treat. A classic pairing of goat’s cheese and beetroot was taken to another level with a trendy olive clay and Neil’s skill was clearly evident with his varying methods of beetroot preparation. I can confirm first-hand that the colour on the plate was as vibrant to the eye as it was in the mouth.

Crab mayonnaise textures of asparagus, jamon Iberico, pesto, garden leaves

Crab mayonnaise textures of asparagus, jamon Iberico, pesto, garden leaves


Ardsallagh goats cheese, roasted and pickled beetroot, black olive clay, hazelnuts

Ardsallagh goats cheese, roasted and pickled beetroot, black olive clay, hazelnuts


Slow cooked pork cheek apple, celeriac

Slow cooked pork cheek apple, celeriac


Soy & beetroot cured salmon capers, dill cream

Soy & beetroot cured salmon capers, dill cream

Download our Spring -Summer Entertaining Menu.

The Main Event

The main courses were an exceptional showcase of Irish artisan producers. Incredibly fresh line caught cod was wrapped in Parma ham and cooked until perfectly firm. The light and zingy wild garlic cream enhanced every mouthful while the summer fricassee of pea and samphire added a beautiful depth of flavour and texture. It was definitely my favourite dish of the evening, a symphony for the senses!

Another stand out dish was a tender rump of lamb served with braised shoulder and a crispy potato fondant. In my opinion, pea and mint are simply essential with lamb and the dish was lifted beautifully by the unusual piquant flavour of a tomato and caper jus. We were informed that the delicious Wicklow lamb was reared only 10 minutes away from our kitchens in Bray. Local Irish food really is the very best food.

Salmon is always a welcome inclusion in any summer menu and this next dish certainly set the bar high! The wild salmon was perfection with the addition of mild fennel flavour and the punchy pops of pomegranate. It tasted so light and natural and it really highlighted the fact that less is more. With ingredients as good as this, the quality clearly shines through.

Line Caught Cod Parma ham, summer fricassee, wild garlic cream

Line Caught Cod Parma ham, summer fricassee, wild garlic cream


Rump of Lamb braised shoulder, potato fondant, pea and mint fricassee, tomato and caper jus

Rump of Lamb braised shoulder, potato fondant, pea and mint fricassee, tomato and caper jus


Pan Fried Salmon fennel, pomegranate, quinoa, orange

Pan Fried Salmon fennel, pomegranate, quinoa, orange


Crispy pork belly black pudding, celeriac remoulade, apple puree

Crispy pork belly black pudding, celeriac remoulade, apple puree

Sweet to Eat

Although by this stage we were completely satisfied by our delicious dinner, the arrival of desserts to the table was an indulgence that we could not pass up. A vanilla panna cotta with strawberries, poached rhubarb, and honeycomb looked like something that belonged in an art gallery. The sweetness of the honeycomb and strawberry shard was offset perfectly by the tart rhubarb.

A plate of pure prettiness arrived to the table in the form of Gary’s lemon posset. Again quality ingredients sang out loud through every bite. The zesty lemon posset arrived with charred grapefruit and raspberries to cleanse the palate, while the meringue kisses added a delicious bite to the dish.

Vanilla panna cotta strawberries, poached rhubarb, and honeycomb

Vanilla panna cotta strawberries, poached rhubarb, and honeycomb


Lemon posset charred grapefruit, raspberries, meringue kisses

Lemon posset charred grapefruit, raspberries, meringue kisses


Chocolate and caramel mousse textures of raspberry, hazelnut praline cream

Chocolate and caramel mousse textures of raspberry, hazelnut praline cream

 We finished up with an exquisite raspberry and lemon cheesecake with a crunchy coconut biscuit base. This was a modern and refreshing take on one of our classic desserts. Keep an eye out for it in the shops soon! Our amazing desserts were absolutely devoured with not one regret.

Office or home party on horizon? Let us take the hassle out of the occasion so you can get on with enjoying your evening.

Inspiration for the future

If you shop with us regularly, you’ll know that we make all of our food by hand and from scratch. And because our kitchen is small and flexible, we are always ready to try new ingredients and recipes. We love to make the most of seasonal produce which is the cornerstone of the food we make.

Our chef’s showcase dining experience re-affirmed the truth behind high quality dining. The key is fantastic produce handled properly, just like the chef’s do every day in our kitchens. The pure dedication and passion that our chefs devote to our recipes is evident in the gorgeous balanced flavours in our food. We can’t wait to see what dishes they produce for our customers in the coming seasons, given the chance they had to showcase some great new ideas for the Chefs Challenge event. Watch this retail space!

Brownies catering dublin

Independent Taste Tests

We have been awarded the highest score when judged between similar products in independent taste tests with our Chocolate Brownies and our Lemon Drizzle Cake.

Taste Test – BROWNIES (Irish Independent 10/8/17) Katy McGuinness


‘This homemade-looking brownie from The Butler’s Pantry comes as a generous square topped with a layer of chocolate icing. The texture is good, but our tasters would have preferred a darker chocolate flavour.’

Taste Test – LEMON DRIZZLE CAKE (Irish Independent 17/8/17) Katy McGuinness


‘This generous loaf-shaped classic drizzle cake looks like the one that your granny makes – if you are lucky enough to have a talented-in-the-kitchen granny. You could pass this off as homemade, with its crack down the middle and random ribbons of lemon zest by way of decoration. The sponge is good and lemony, soaked in syrup and clearly made with butter.’

What's on in Dublin villages on Bloomsday

Bloomsday – What’s On

Bloomsday is a commemoration and celebration of the life of James Joyce, during which the events of his novel Ulysses set on 16 June 1904 are relived.

“I want to give a picture of Dublin so complete that if the city suddenly disappeared from the earth it could be reconstructed out of my book.”
James Joyce

What’s on in Dublin villages on Bloomsday


After a week of celebration, on Friday 16th James Joyce Tower & Museum will open early (8.00 am) to allow visitors to start the day as Stephen did – at the Sandycove Martello Tower.

There will be a terrific line-up of events including readings by Bryan Murray from ‘Ulysses’, Caitríona Ní Threasaigh will come back to perform during the day and, of course, there will be lots of chat and craic throughout.

Hamper filled with a selection from our new summer menu to be won – drop into our Sandycove shop and enter to win (no purchase necessary)


The birthplace of James Joyce.
From 2pm-7pm a troop of actors will perform 7 mini-scenes in different venues in the village.
Readings from Ulysses at The Rathgar Bookshop and The Vintry. Wine and Gorgonzola at The Vintry around 4pm.
AIB Rathgar and The O’Brien Press hosting a reception from 6pm.
Lemon Tarts served at The Butler’s Pantry.


The area that Joyce returns to in three episodes of Ulysses.
Dublin City Council are providing a marquee on Sandymount Green with readings from 10.30am
Tastings will be brought to the Green by The Butler’s Pantry


“A Play on Ulysses” on Bloomsday at the Village Cross 6-7.30pm, bringing drama, humour and music straight to the heart of Blackrock. Find out more.

La Collina - A Flavour of Tuscany

La Collina – A Flavour of Tuscany

Perched on top of one of the many rolling hills of Tuscany some 40 kms south-west of Florence sits the medieval village of Cerreto Guidi. It was here that the famous Medici family came to hunt wild boar in the 16th Century, establishing a grand villa around which the village grew. The wild boar and the forests in which they roamed have over time been replaced by vineyards and the olive groves from which this oil is produced.

The link with Cerreto Guidi was established in the course of one Irishman’s quest to know the area of his father’s birth and upbringing in a nearby town, thereby squaring the circle of life in so many ways. The village and its surrounding countryside make wonderful wines and almost all the vineyards also make a small amount of artisan first press extra virgin olive oil. Cerreto Guidi is now well known to many Irish because of its pivotal location for access to all the famous Tuscan landmarks as well as its wonderful Tuscan cooking, fine wines and especially its stunning olive oil.

Tasting Notes

This olive oil is typically harvested from November to mid-December. The olives used are multi-coloured when picked and range in shade from dark blue to yellow-green. The early harvested olives are more pungent and spicy while those harvested later give a smooth buttery flavour. The final product suggests a flavour of roasted artichokes and almonds together with a hint of green leaves rounding to a mild peppery finish.

This Tuscan olive oil is so distinctive in favour that you’ll just have to taste it yourself to know the difference. Use it to bring out the flavours of pastas, salads, vegetables or just simply spread on warmed ciabatta bread already rubbed with a garlic clove… wonderful!


The classic bruschetta with the aroma of garlic, is the perfect way to enhance the many layered flavours of a good extra virgin olive oil and there is no better companion for barbeques and starters all’Italiana!

Ingredients: 2 slices of bread from a white loaf | clove of garlic | extra virgin olive oil | salt
Preparation: Cut the bread into thick slices about 1cm (half inch) thick. Toast it or grill on the BBQ. While still warm, rub the garlic clove on one side of the toasted bread. Add a pinch of salt. Drizzle generously with extra virgin olive oil. Serve warm. Enjoy!

Insalata Caprese

Nothing could be simpler than this recipe named after the island of Capri (Naples). The secret is to use the best quality ingredients you can find.

Ingredients: 2 large ripe tomatoes | a buffalo (or cow’s milk) mozzarella | extra virgin olive oil | a few basil leaves | oregano | salt
Preparation: Slice the tomatoes and the mozzarella about quarter inch thick. Arrange them on a plate, overlapping them. Scatter with basil, according to taste. Drizzle with extra virgin olive oil. Add a pinch of salt and a sprinkle of oregano. Enjoy!