Pulpo Gallega – Galician Style Octopus

Pulpo Gallega

Galician Style Octopus

The origins of this dish are in the beautiful Galica in the northwest of Spain, where octopus is a speciality straight off the fishermen’s boats. You will find this dish in the fanciest and most fabulous restaurants all over Spain and even some in Ireland. This dish may sound daunting but it is deceptively simple, the trick is to use our gorgeous smoky Finca La Barca pimenton with really good extra virgin olive oil to pack a smoky punch.

The octopus takes care of itself with very simple cooking


2 pounds of frozen/or fresh octopus
5 large waxy new season potatoes
The best Spanish extra virgin olive oil you have in your storecupboard
½ teaspoon Finca La Barca Sweet Pimenton
1 Jar Finca La Barca Smoked Alioli



1. Place your frozen octopus directly into a large pot of boiling water

2. Cook for roughly an hour until tender.

3. Remove from pot and let it come to room temperature

3. Pop the pulpo into the fridge for an hour

4. Boil your potatoes for 20-25 minutes until cooked through.

5. Allow your spuds to cook and then gently peel them, cutting them into ⅓ thick circles.

6. Cut your octopus legs into circles ½ inch thick

7. This is where it all comes together beautifully!

8. Pick out you loveliest platter, we love round simple pottery for this dish.

9. Arrange your potato round in a circle on the plate, placing the octopus on top.

10. Drizzle with oil, season with good crunchy salt and for the final wow factor sprinkle with the gorgeous scarlet Finca La Barca Sweet Pimenton

11. Add a dollop of our smoky garlicky Finca La Barca Smoked Alioli for sheer decadence