Asian Noodle Broth

Noodle Broth


Perfect for filling up on cold days

Having a busy job in The Butler’s Pantry Sandycove, I am always eating my lunch on the go! It’s always so exciting to try the new innovations that come from our kitchens in Bray. January brought a lot of delicious and healthy products in our Feed Your Resolution range. One of these was our new Asian Noodle Broth which I recently tried for lunch. When heated in the microwave, I was very pleased with the result. It was a cold day and a good soup was exactly what I needed. This particular soup was beautifully light, while still being warming and nutritious. The pak choi added some beautiful texture and freshness to the dish, the carrots and peas added fantastic hints of sweetness, and the flavours of lemongrass and ginger came through wonderfully. However, what surprised me was how full I felt after my meal.

Eat it out or take it home

I enjoyed it so much that a few days later I took a pot home and heated it in a saucepan. I must admit, the flavours came through even stronger, and by putting it in a bowl the noodles were far easier to manage!

As nice as it was in the pot, this was a real treat of a meal in a bowl that I will be eating over and over again.



Shop Assistant

The Butler’s Pantry