Wild Irish Game Venison

Wild Irish Game Venison

With the winter now upon us, so too is the Irish venison at The Butlers’s Pantry. Venison dishes will be appearing in our stores this week as the first venison arrives at our kitchen in Bray.

All our venison comes from County Wicklow as the rolling mountains and woodland make it the perfect habitat for the deer, here they can freely graze on nutritious herbs, grasses and mountain heather. This results in the venison being 100% organic and the meat produced is extremely lean and low in fat as well as being high in protein, iron and zinc.

The variety of deer present on the mountain ranges within County Wicklow are Sika Wild Deer with the season running from 1st November to the 28th February. This short season allows the deer population to be managed correctly and in a sustainable manner so that the wild deer population of County Wicklow thrives.

Who Supplies the Venison?

All our venison used in our dishes is supplied by Wild Irish Game who are a 3rd generation Irish Butcher who have a deep passion and love for all types of Irish game. They are the longest established game business in Ireland. All the Venison prepared by Wild Irish Game is culled by licensed hunters who ate trained in Food hygiene so all the meat is compliant with Irish and EU regulations.

How Butler’s Pantry Prepare the Venison Dish

The Venison dish that we have prepared for the winter menu is braised venison with sour cherries as the rich gamey flavour works well with fruity flavour of cherries. We slightly pickle the cherries so that the sharpness cuts through the richness of the braised venison, the stew is then finished with roasted seasonal root vegetables and voila, the dish is complete!

Pop in store to taste and purchase this delicious dish.

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